The Company has been created to promote and develop the Group’s presence in the Asian market, in the maritime field.

Discretion, confidentiality, professionalism and spirit of enterprise are the basis on which BCC1 HK operates.

Thanks to its experience and expertise developed over many years is able to offer its customers a select and tailored service for each individual need, in all maritime areas.

BCC1 HK strategy is to offer clients a truly 'best in class' integrated global service, across broking, finance, support and research, in all key shipping and offshore sectors.

The Company provides:

  • a global and complete set of financial services, including project finance and consultancy services, thanks to a team that for years has operated successfully in the field. We can offer individualized strategies to help reach their goals, provide financial consultancy regarding specific shipping projects;
  • high quality ship and crew management services to ship owners. Staffed with well experienced marine professionals, allow us to provide quick response to any requirements regardless of the time zone that the ship may be in. We have an established safety and quality management system, which is regularly reviewed for effectiveness and facilitates continual improvement;
  • A specialized team, responsible for freight of tankers, obtained significant success, thanks to contacts with Italian and worldwide leading tanker professionals, in the crude oil as well as in oil product fields. This result is due not only to the professional calibre of operators, but also to the company’s efficient structure and flexible organization.




“ Know what you own, and know why you own it.”


Peter Lynch