Flag  Malta
Builder Hyundai Mipo Ulsan
Built 25/04/2003
Class DNV
Type Vessel Tanker
Type of Ballast SBT
Type of vessel Hull Double Hull
Loa 182,55 mt
Lbp 175,00 mt
Depth 16,70 mt
Breadth Moulded 27,40 mt
Summer Draft 11,217 mt
GT 23,217
NT 10,113
Summer DWT 37,211
Speed 13.0 knots
Propulsion Motor
Propeller Fixed Pitch
Bow thruster Yes
Cargo Tanks 12 Excl Slops
Cargo Capacity (98%) 41318,60 CBM Excl Slops
Cargo Pumps 12 Excl Slops
Stern Line No
Segregations 7
Cargo Heating Plant Steaming Heating Coils


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Peter Lynch